Seeking Accountability for Nazi and War Crimes in East and Central Europe

Sammelband zur justizförmigen Aufarbeitung von NS- und Kriegsverbrechen in Mittel- und Osteuropa

In der Reihe "Rochester Studies In East And Central Europe" erschien soeben der Sammelband "Seeking Accountability for Nazi and War Crimes in East and Central Europe. A People's Justice?", herausgegeben von Eric Le Bourhis, Irina Tcherneva und Vanessa Voisin.


Julia Landau und ich durften einen Text über das Spannungsverhältnis sowjetischer Sicherheits- und Geheimhaltungsinteressen und dem Interesse, für die Verurteilung von NS-Tätern Öffentlichkeit herzustellen, beisteuern. 




V. Voisin, E. Le Bourhis, and I. Tcherneva
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Part I - Justice and visibility

Shaping the Spectacle: Politics and Professional Practices

Chapter 1. Justice in Mantle Coats: Shooting the Bulgarian People's Courts in Revolutionary Times, 1944-1945
Nadège Ragaru
Chapter 2. The Nuremberg Trials - To Stage or Not to Stage: Conflicting Visions and Creative Differences
Sylvie Lindeperg/Camille Noûs
Chapter 3. Evidence and Soviet Rhetorical Devices: Staging Justice at the Nuremberg Trial
Victor Barbat

Disclosing Data: Doubt and Uncertainty

Chapter 4. Tensions Between Secrecy and Publicity: Internment, Investigation, Extradition, and Convictions in the Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany, 1945-1950
Enrico Heitzer and Julia Landau
Chapter 5. Concentration Camp Crimes on Trial, on TV, and in Civic Education. Bonn 1958-1959
Götz Lachwitz
Chapter 6. Law and Accountability, Secrecy and Guilt: Soviet Trawniki Defendants' Trials, 1960-1970
David Alan Rich

Part II - Justice and social mobilization

From Rumor to Testimony: Challenges in Voluntary Social Involvement

Chapter 7. Rehabilitation of individuals suspected of collaboration: The Jewish Civic Court by the Central Committee of Jews in Poland, 1946-1950
Katarzyna Person
Chapter 8. Risks and Results of Citizens' Commitments: The Kačerovski Case in Riga, 1958-1963
Eric Le Bourhis and Irina Tcherneva
Chapter 9. Mediators behind the Scenes: The World Jewish Congress and the International Auschwitz Committee during the Preparations for the First Auschwitz Trial in Frankfurt
Katharina Stengel

Individual and Collective Advocacy
Chapter 10. Accusing Hans Globke, 1960-1963: Agency and the Iron Curtain
Jasmin Söhner and Máté Zombory
Chapter 11. The Fils et Filles des Déportés Juifs de France and the Lischka Trial in Cologne, 1971-1980
Anne Klein and Birte Klarzyk

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